A glucose meter or glucometer is a medical device commonly used by people with diabetes who needs the meter to measure and display the amount of sugar (glucose) in their blood. A blood glucose meter can help diabetic people manage the illness better by tracking any fluctuations in the blood glucose level. There are several types of blood glucose meters available in the market, from basic to advanced meters with multiple features and options. Before procuring a blood glucose meter, it is necessary to know the basics on how it works. The accuracy of these varies mainly on how properly they are used and stored.

Some blood glucose meters may be costly and a hassle to some. But we are here to help you. This article provides information on how you can obtain a quality blood glucose meter for FREE! Here are several ways to obtain a free glucose meter:

  1. You can simply ask your physician if he has some free glucose meter. Usually doctors are stacked up with freebies from various medical representatives who visit them. This way, your doctor may also be able to recommend which is best for you depending on your medical condition.
  2. Mostly meter manufacturers have a stock of free meters in pharmacies everywhere. They are usually given if you buy some test strips. There will be times however when you have to manually ask the pharmacist for a free one since some drug stores have limited stocks or have a high number of customers asking for one.
  3. With the popularity of the internet, you may also request for free blood glucose meters from some manufacturer websites if you find it more convenient. We have listed the top three websites that offers free blood glucose meters for you. Here they are.

Accu-check is currently the leading company that offers free blood glucose meters of various kinds. All you have to do is visit their website, fill out the form with some of your basic information and answer some questions about your health condition. Upon filling out all the information you will be given a coupon to be presented to the pharmacy for your free blood glucose monitor. You may choose whatever type you like based on its availability.

Bayer offers two kinds of meter which you can claim through a coupon presented at the pharmacy or by mail order. Either way, all you have to do is fill out their qualification form online. Bayer offers to types of meter. First is Contour which is a personalized meter that lets you focus on the information that’s important to you. The second type is Breeze2 which is quite handy since it has 10-test disc. This allows you not to bring individual handle strips every time.

One touch offers two kinds of meter as well depending on your need. All you have to do is complete the information needed on their website to see if you’re qualified and which meter suits you best.